8 Best Places In London for Ice Cream and Gelato

Even if some people think otherwise, London can have a sunny warm summer. It can actually get pretty hot and on those days, it’s good to know where is your nearest ice cream or gelato shop.

As usual, I did my research on Google and the social media and for this list I’ve picked only places which have the rating of 4.5 and more stars.

I visited all of them I believe it’s a great time to share my findings with you. So here it is. The 8 best ice cream and gelato shops in London.

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Gelupo (Soho)

1 scoop £4 / 2 scoops 5£ / 3 scoops £6

Hidden in a back ally of Soho, Gelupo serves one of the best gelato in London. It has been established in 2010 and make a delicious gelato from the finest ingredients, fresh every day.

What I liked about Gelupo is the nice interior and the menu which is nicely split into great classics and new experimental flavors. This place has a very nice vibe and I’ve been here since many times already.

Pricing is in the higher range but with very generous scoops. Make sure that you’ll come here as early as possible because gelato is being freshly made every morning and if they run out that's it for the day.

La Gelateria (Covent Garden Crouch End East Village (E20))

Baby £1.8 / Small £3.5 / Medium £4.5 / Large £5.5

La Gelateria is a small shop with a big heart. Their gelato is 100% natural and free of any additives or preservatives whatsoever.

People in La Gelateria work on the simple principle that only the freshest fruit and finest ingredients in the world must be used. And we, gelato lovers can only agree with this approach.

And they are doing very well. What La Gelateria really stand out with is how they are not afraid of experimenting with exciting flavor combinations. Honey, Rosemary, and Orange Zest, Basil and Chilli or White Peppermint just to name a few. If you like to experiment never miss La Gelateria! Also, vegans can enjoy a decent selection of sorbets.

This is my wife’s most favorite gelato shop in London and I totally understand why.

Udderlicious (Covent Garden Islington)

1 scoop £2.95 / 2 scoops £4.8 / 3 scoops £6.7

Udderlicous is another gem in covent garden with their home made ice-cream. The ice cream was delicious, creamy, thick and with intense flavors.

Happiness is only real when shared. But in case of ice-cream from uderlicious I advise you to be selfish and buy a few scoops only for yourself. No regrets.

They also sell vegan ice cream made with oat milk.

Gelateria 3Bis (Borough Market Notting Hill)

Small £3.5 / Regular £4 / Large £4.6

Gelateria 3Bis started in Rimini, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, in 1987. Luckily for us they decided to bring their amazing gelato to London as well.

They produce fresh gelato on a daily basis using only the highest quality of raw materials as well as over 30 years of experience and passion.

At Borough Market, especially during the summer, be ready for some long waits for this great gelato.

Greedy Goat (Borough Market)

1 scoop £3 / 2 scoops £5 / 3 scoops £6

Another amazing ice cream you can get at Borough market is at Greedy Goat.

Greedy Goat’s ice cream is made in Somerset from British GM free goats’ milk, and provide a dandy alternative to cows’ milk ice cream.

Goat’s milk is 85% less allergenic than Cows’ milk, it contains less lactose so it's more suitable for lactose intolerant amongst us.

It’s creamy, tasty and for that reason I never leave Borough Market without a scoop of this delicious ice cream. This ice cream was one of the greatest surprises on my first visit to Borough market.

Mamasons (Chinatown Camden Town)

1 scoop £3 / 2 scoops £4.5 / 3 scoops £6

Mamasons brand itself as the London's First Filipino Ice Cream Parlor selling the dirty ice cream which is the nickname used to describe the ice-cream sold on the streets of Manila.

I tried the ube bilog which is a Filipino milk bun filled with Ube ice-cream. Ube is a root vegetable know also as purple yam.

I found the ice cream a little bit too sweet, nevertheless I still think Mamasons definitely deserve it’s place between the top ice cream shops in London as it has an excellent atmosphere and a great variety of exotic ice cream desserts.

Marine Ices (Camden Town)

1 scoop £2.4 / 2 scoops £4 / 3 scoops £5.5

Marine ices is providing gelato for Camden from 1931.

An excellent quality of sorbet and gelato with rich natural flavors for one of the best prices in London.

You shouldn't expect any crazy experimental flavors in Marine Ices, but the good old classics with a stamp of authenticity.

Soft Serve Society (BOXPARK Shoreditch Victoria Market Hall)

Cone/Cup £3.5-£3.75 + 50p toppings

Soft Serve Society definitely has one of the most instagramle ice creams from our list. Although, also one of the more expensive ones. However, what you get is not only tasty ice cream (the Coconut Charcoal soft serve is a must try) but also a fashionable one.

So, bring your phone fully charged because it takes time to take that perfect picture.


It always amazes me how rich London’s ice cream and gelato market is. You would never expect this from London.

And this is not even close to the full list of ice cream and gelato shops in London I have. I just had to split it into different sections.

However, these shops have undoubtedly the best ice cream and gelato. Period. My absolutely top-placed are Gelupo, La Gelateria and Udderlicious but I can guarantee you that you will have the best experience at any of these places.

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